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Anne Frank House

The Anne Frank House was established on 3 May 1957 in cooperation with Otto Frank, Anne Frank’s father. They are an independent non-profit organisation that runs a museum in the house where Anne Frank went into hiding and we try to increase awareness of Anne’s life story all over the world.

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The Anti-Racist Educator

Based in Scotland, The Anti-Racist Educator is a collective of educational stakeholders (including students, teachers, parents, academics and activists) working toward building an education system that is equitable, free from racial injustice andcritically engaged with issues of power, identity. 



BAME Ed has gathered a range of podcasts and videos that might be of interest to anyone interested in BAME representation in society and education.


The Black Curriculum

The Black Curriculum is a social enterprise founded in 2019 by young people to address the lack of Black British history in the UK Curriculum. They believe that by delivering arts focused Black history programmes, providing teacher training and campaigning through mobilising young people, they can facilitate social change. 

Their programmes are for all young people aged 8-16 and aims to equip young people with a sense of identity, and the tools for a diverse landscape. They are working towards changing the national curriculum and building a sense of identity in every young person in the UK.


Black Lives Matter at School

Black Lives Matter At School is a national coalition organizing for racial justice in education.  We encourage all educators, students, parents, unions, and community organizations to join our annual week of action during the first week of February each year.

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The Center for Racial Justice in Education

The Center for Racial Justice in Education’s mission is to train and empower educators to dismantle patterns of racism and injustice in our schools and communities. At the Center for Racial Justice in Education, we envision a world where all young people learn and thrive in racially equitable, liberating, and empowering educational spaces.

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Hope Not Hate Charitable Trust Education Fund

Hope Not Hate Education’s fantastic team are in schools all over the UK, every single day, teaching young people about the dangers of the far-right, and what they can do to counter them.

They are already incredibly effective – with a small yet impactful team, they have spoken to 18,523 young people in the last year, in 109 different schools.

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No More Exclusions

No More Exclusions is an abolitionist grassroots coalition movement in education. Their mission is to bring about an end to the persistent race-disparities in school exclusions in the next five years and to affect change at legal, policy, practice and cultural level in education and society as a whole over the next ten years. They want an education system that works for all!

No More Exclusions consists of grassroots community activists, organizations and individuals united to take radical and structural actions that will create a new inclusive model of education based on our shared values of inclusion, social justice, race equality and quality education for all children.

No More Exclusions currently includes: teachers, teaching assistants, trade unionists, social workers, lawyers, youth workers, faith leaders, local councilors, journalists, academics, education researchers, SEND specialists, mental health practitioners, parent advocates, parents, and young people.

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The Runnymede Trust

Runnymede is the UK's leading independent race equality think tank. It generates intelligence to challenge race inequality in Britain through research, network building, leading debate, and policy engagement.

Runnymede is working to build a Britain in which all citizens and communities feel valued, enjoy equal opportunities, lead fulfilling lives, and share a common sense of belonging.

Runnymede is independent and funded by donations. We would like to extend our deep gratitude to our trusteespatrons and supporters, without whose support we could not continue our work.

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Teaching Tolerance

Teaching Tolerance provides free resources to educators—teachers, administrators, counselors and other practitioners—who work with children from kindergarten through high school. Educators use our materials to supplement the curriculum, to inform their practices, and to create civil and inclusive school communities where children are respected, valued and welcome participants.


UK Student Climate Network

UKSCN a group of youth strikers who work together to support youth strikes all over England and Wales. They run campaigns, work with other national movements and provide support to over 100 local groups across the country. They aim to create a new generation of young activists who are educated about society and the change we need, in order to work with other movements to change the system we live in.