A community led and co-produced space for ACTIVE SOLIDARITY, dialogue, creativity, ideas, activism, action, and connecting the town and gown to create a truly anti-racist city.

Following Oxford’s example, we are commited to building a network of anti-racist cities across the country. 

How we do this 

We challenge and disrupt power structures that maintain and uphold racism.

Through action and activism we will:

  •  center the voices and agency of people and communities most impacted by racism in all its forms. 

  • connect people by opening up space for them to be seen and heard, and building support networks.

  • assist in sourcing resources and ensuring these resources are shared. 

  • platform and amplify campaigns, activists, teachers, trade unions and citizens. 

  • network individuals and groups to develop a focused strategy on how to make an anti-racist city.

  • connect with existing groups and activists without competing for their resources or duplicating their work.  

  • provide campaigns, advocacy, and media training so the people of our city can tell their own stories and have a stake in how their voice is heard.


To be active anti-racists we must understand why marginilised voices aren’t heard, and create change.

To achieve this we will:

  • work with inividuals and organisations to provide mentoring and create a network of mentors.

  • open channels of communications with the University of Oxford and Oxford Brookes University to discuss how they can plug in to ARC.

  • hold dialogue with the city’s major employers.

  • work with schools and education institutions.

  • work with Oxford City and Oxfordshire County Council.

  • work with Trade Unions.


  •  We are an intersectional anti-racist organisation.

  • There is no hierarchy of racism in this space – we are explicitly anti-racist. We will not tolerate anti-semitism, islamophobia, transphobia, homophobia, ableism, ageism, or misogyny. 

  • We will not work with individuals or groups who do not live up to these ethics and we will not work with people or groups who minimise and erase Black people, people of colour, and our communities. 


Oxford City Council passed this motion in 2019 to make Oxford Anti-Racist City:

This motion outlines what OCC has agreed to do – so we need to make sure that this motion is put into action:

Oxfordshire Labour Councillors statement on Black Lives Matter written by ARC Committee member Councillor Sobia Afridi: