The Anti-Racist City brings together Oxford residents from all walks of life.

It is an independent, intersectional, activist, solidarity platform aiming to bring people together to work on creating a truly anti-racist city.

This is an educational platform for dialogue, organising and action.

We centre the voices of people and communities most impacted by racism in all its forms.

If you would like to speak to anyone on the executive committee, please get in touch:

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Lucien Senna

Lucien Senna is a mum, and an African-American and Irish Civil Rights Activist and Anti-Racist Campaigner of over 25 years in the USA, Central America, England, EU, and Ireland.

She is also a poet, writer, and creates agency and access to learning for women of colour in Oxford. She worked for both late Bernie Grant MP and A. Sivanandan.

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Deborah McIlveen

Deborah McIlveen is a lifelong campaigner, trade unionist and Labour Councillor representing the residents of Leys on Oxfordshire County Council.

Her work focusses on equalities, policy, practice, training, project management and community development . She teaches at City College Oxford. 

Her previous work includes; developing national policy and practice on violence against women, working with government advisory groups, and undertaking campaign and media work improve legal frameworks and services.


James Harris

James Harris is a full-time firefighter with over 20 year’s experience.

He has also been an active Trade Unionist for the same period of time and is currently the chair of Oxfordshire Fire Brigades Union.

James is proud to be an anti-racism campaigner and strives for a more inclusive and diverse workforce within the UK Fire Service.

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Michelle Codrington-Rogers

Michelle Codrington-Rogers, is a teacher of Citizenship in Oxford and is an active trade unionist. 

She is currently National President of the NASUWT (2020-21),

Michelle believes that social justice and equality for all must be intersectional and inclusive.

Naomi Sharland

Naomi Sharland

Naomi is a secondary school teacher from Oxford with over 21 years of experience , and  works with teachers and education professionals to address the whitewashed UK curriculum.

Naomi has supported access to accommodation for homeless and vulnerable people and independent living for unaccompanied asylum seekers and care leavers.

Naomi co-founded Botley Bridge, where she held the position of treasurer. She has also supported a number of community initiatives including Dean Court Community Centre and West Way Concern.

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Shaista Aziz

Shaista Aziz is a journalist, writer, and an anti-racism and equalities campaigner. 

As a former aid worker, she has worked across East and West Africa, the Middle East and Pakistan, working with people displaced by conflict and women and girls impacted by sexual violence and abuse.

She is the founder of Oxford Anti-Racist City and an Oxford City Councillor. 

Sobia Afridi

Sobia Afridi has worked in higher education for 25 years, including key events such the Step Up Conference and the Asian Young Girl’s Project.

She ran a project at the Oxford Central Mosque, aimed at improving attainment in Maths and English and to students’ confidencel; priority was given to Black and Minority Ethnic students, 

Sobia has also run the Brookes Bridges programme for the last seven years, which has been nominated for a The Guardian University Award and has won a NEON award.